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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Roger Palmer

NAME:                                    Roger Palmer

TYPE:                                     Academy Trust Member

TERM SERVED:                    15 years

RESPONSIBILITIES:            Former chair

When my oldest child commenced at Crosshall Junior School in 2003 there were three vacancies on the Governing Body.  Initially, I was not entirely sure what I could bring to the school, but I was particularly interested in learning more about the processes involved in delivering high quality education.

The largest challenge I foresee for our school is an ever shrinking child population in St Neots.  This may have dramatic implications for the way we deliver education, rather than educational achievement, as the school roll varies.

Facilitating the move to become an Academy Trust in 2010 was a particularly challenging and uncertain time.  I was involved in overseeing this, and along with a core group of Governors, we ensured that this was successfully achieved for the betterment of our school.

We meet staff on a regular basis at various meetings, including the main school improvement sub- committee.  This allows the Governing Body to be kept up to date in all curriculum areas and challenge the methods and direction that are being implemented in each individual area.  Previously a parent member of the Governing Body I am aware of the importance of parental input to the school and the benefit of their representation more widely.  Any parent with an interest, view, or concern, should not hesitate to contact any of the Governors via the school office, Clerk to the Governors, or via the website.

As a paediatrician now working in legal medicine, I have both an understanding of children’s development and the working within a complex organisational structure.  My professional background provides some insight into working with children, albeit not in the educational sphere.  As such I strongly support an ethos of promoting child well being and education, thereby hopefully encouraging its ongoing and further development at our school.


At the end of my term as governor, I have stayed in touch and remain involved with Crosshall Junior School by being on the board of Members.