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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities)

At Crosshall Junior School, every child really matters to us. Some of our pupils may need extra support to ensure they meet their potential. On the link on the right-hand side, we explain how this support is provided. Simply click on each question to find the drop-down information.

Attached below is our SEND Support Guide for Parents. 

"Crosshall Junior School continues to be a beacon of inclusive practice...this inclusive those is apparent throughout the curriculum, in attitudes and in the wealth of resources committed to ensuring inclusion and best evidence-based practice is at heart of all the school does"

IQM Flagship Project Assessor, 2022

A message from Sarah Clee our SENDCo

At Crosshall Junior School, it is our aim to provide a very inclusive, supportive environment for all our pupils. We hold the Inclusion Quality Mark at Flagship Status. We provide for the needs of pupils with special educational needs in a number of ways following a graduated approach. Please see the SEND leaflet and policy further below; and click on the Send Q&As for frequently asked questions.


To contact the class teacher or SENDCo?

Please phone, email or pop into the school office and an appointment or phone call can be arranged.

01480 475972 or

Comments from parents of pupils with special educational needs:

“I cannot thank the SENCO at Crosshall enough! My son joined the school in Year Six, so time was against them to apply for a much needed EHC plan. They were on the case from day one, not wasting any time. Throughout the whole process they always kept us as a family informed and were totally honest and upfront with regards to the process, outlining all outcomes with back up plans if we were not accepted on this occasion. By the time my son was due to break up for the summer holidays, we had thankfully been accepted for an EHC plan on the first attempt, where as our previous school unfortunately stated that we just wouldn't qualify and didn't even try. Now my son is settled in secondary school with the support in place. They went the extra mile for us which they didn't have to considering we joined the school in Year Six. Truly Thankful.”


“Our family moved to St Neots in 2019 from a small, local primary school in a different county.  Although our son had an ASD diagnosis, the funding system was different so when we moved to Crosshall, we were without the additional support he really needed; this in addition to the larger scale of the school left us very nervous about how he would get on and whether he may 'slip through the net'.“


Our experience couldn't have been any more positive.  Even though there was no funding in place the school totally stepped up and offered our son help and support as much as they could until we had the ECHP support.  The process, although really tough was driven confidently and passionately by the school and we were all delighted when he got substantial funding and now has all the support he needs.  We are a recently separated family and the school has managed this sensitively and professionally, not only throughout the ECHP process but always, and this has supplied me with so much reassurance that he is in an environment where he can not just survive but genuinely thrive.  The improvement has been significant and holistic - academic attainment, social skills and most importantly his happiness and self-belief is at an all time high.  Thank you”


“Our daughter has a physical disability and is now in her last year at Crosshall Junior school, having joined in Year Three. Whilst attending Crosshall Junior our daughter has made amazing progress in all subjects, but more importantly, to us as her parents, she has grown into a confident girl who has been able to experience all the activities that every other child has - despite her physical limitations. I never imagined that I would have so much confidence in others as to allow her to take part in school residential trips but during her time at Crosshall she has attended 2 and absolutely loved them both. However, I think Rock UK will be a lasting memory for all of us - an adventure holiday we never thought she would experience! The staff have always been active and encouraging in helping our daughter achieve her physical goals, whether that involved carrying out physiotherapy with her or providing her with the opportunity to practice her independent walking. All the staff have always been supportive and this has helped her to progress physically, educationally and in confidence. She has never had an unhappy day at the school and has always felt that she could do everything and has never felt excluded, which is everything we could ask for. We will truly miss being a part of the Crosshall family when she moves on to secondary school.”