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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust


Academy Trust
STAFF LIST 2023/24

Head Teacher

Ms Anne Eardley

Assistant Headteachers Mr Dan Ainscow & Mr Liam Murphy

Year Three Teaching Team

Head of Year Three


Mr Chris Dorey

Mrs Lisa Griffiths 

Mrs Bryony Radwell/ Mrs Emma Power

Mrs Leigh Ruff

Year Four Teaching Team

Head of Year Four


Miss Cara Howell

Ms Catherine Hemingway
Mr John East

Mrs Naomi Thatcher

Year Five Teaching Team

Head of Year Five


Miss Angela Connor

Mrs Jackie Cook/ Mrs Sallie Huckle

Mr Michael Hamilton 

Ms Michelle Mascall

Year Six  Teaching Team

Head of Year Six

Mr Martin Righetta

Mrs Rebecca O'Brien/ Mrs Amy Craven
Mr Patrick McLaughlin
Ms Katie White

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Kimberley Airey

Miss Caitlin Blackwell

Mrs Tina Blackwell

Mrs Suzanne Charboneau

Mrs Kerri Champion

Mrs Rachel Clarke

Mrs Zoe Cullis

Mrs Roberta Drinkwater

Mrs Gemma Gould

Mrs Laura Hainsby


Mrs Judith Hancock

Mrs Honny Keeley

Mrs Hannah Maskell

Mrs Pauline Maskell

Ms Stefanie McCabe

Mrs Nusrat Parween

Mrs Caron Peaurt

Mrs Tina Potter

Mrs Rubi Richards

Mrs Natasha Tagliarini

Other Staff


Trainee Teacher

Part Time/Cover Teachers

Learning & Wellbeing Mentors

Mrs Sarah Clee

Mrs Sallie Huckle

Mrs Jackie Cook

Mrs Vicki Hale

Mrs Tracy Searle

Office Manager

Marketing & Communications

Mrs Samantha Gilliam

Mrs Lesley-Ann Osborne

Financial Manager Mrs Hayley Leher
Financial Assistant Mrs Debbie Godfrey
Librarian Mrs Virginia Musgrave

Senior Lunchtime Playleader


Network Manager

Mrs Pauline Maskell

Mrs Tina Potter

Mr Chris Clee

Catering Manager Mrs Jean Mitchell
Assistant Catering Manager Mrs Julie Nixon
Catering Staff

Ms Bethany Cole

Mrs Sarah Green

Mrs Angeline Hodson

Mrs Joanne Metcalf

Mrs Adele Smith

Mrs Lisa Watson

Site Manager Mr Andrew Bruce
Site Team

Ms Diane Collins

Mrs Diane East

Ms Laura Harvey

Ms Claire Peacock