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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Remote Learning Guidance

Remote Education Provision

Please find attached our Remote Education Provision document and more details below about how the school would operate if we were to switch to remote learning.

Remote Learning - Daily School Work

Whilst isolating, the children’s work will largely follow the planned curriculum that would have been taught in school.

Children will need to log into their Google Classroom accounts, which we aim to have up and running from Day Two of isolation.  Day One work is set via Google Classroom accounts.

Remote Learning - Expectations

Children will need to be available as much as possible during normal school hours.  If a class is isolating together, Google Meets, Drop Ins and remote teaching will be available during the normal school day.
Remember you can also email the school office with any questions (   

Remote Learning - Marking & Feedback

The children should be attaching their work for the teacher to mark in the format of a Google document, Google Slide, PDF or a picture. If the children complete their work in their activity book, they are encouraged to take a picture of only their work and upload it to inform their teacher of their learning. The teacher then makes a comment under the student work tab if appropriate. The children are encouraged to comment and ask questions appropriately on the main stream.

GoogleMeets and Drop Ins allow the teachers to speak to the children and support their learning in real time.

Remoted Learning - Support

The children are encouraged to access Google Classroom independently; however, we understand that some might struggle with technology or the activity that has been set. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the school.