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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Nick Abell


NAME:                                    Nick Abell

TYPE:                                     Member

Personal history?

I live in Hail Weston with my wife Jennifer and three children Louise, Alexander and Harriet. I Have lived in the St.Neots area since I was ten years old. After completing my A levels I joined Waitrose as a management trainee and have worked for them ever since in a variety of branches across the country. I am currently Branch Manager of the Waitrose store in Cambridge.


Why did you decide to become a Member?

Having stepped down as a governor at Crosshall Junior School, after serving seven years, I wanted to retain links with the school and wanted to stay on as a Member.


What are the particular challenges of Crosshall Junior School?

Crosshall is a big school that is doing well, the challenge must be to constantly improve both teaching, learning and the all round education experience of the pupils and staff at the school.


Is there any crossover between your work with CJS and your professional life? 

Some, I run a large and complex unit with 350 members in my team, and 35000 customers every week. I manage budgets, and have experience of a wide range of personnel issues.