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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Future Me Programme

Future Me: Recognising the Hidden Curriculum

Celebrating Internal and External Achievements

At Crosshall Junior School, along with most schools in the country, we teach the full range of curriculum subjects.

However, there are some matters, skills and processes that do not fit into the everyday curriculum but are essential to develop for a successful adulthood.

A child spends most of his/her life outside of school. What he/she does external to the school has an impact on life in school and vice versa.

Future Me also seeks to recognise the achievements that the child has attained when not at school.

A copy of the Future Me booklet is available below.


Information for other schools:

Future Me (Winner of #iwill Award)
Since 2013, Crosshall Junior has run a curriculum inspiring social action, improving home-school links, nurturing talents and promoting risk taking.
It is not reliant on academic ability and seeks to develop the skills, knowledge and processes in all children that are needed for adult life.
The curriculum is easily able to be adopted alongside a school’s current curriculum.  External sources such as Whole Education, OfSTED and other heads have all valued the work.
If you would like to know more, contact
The cost of the programme is £295 and includes a site visit and a copy of the child’s booklet for you to amend to suit your setting.