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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Able, Gifted & Talented

Able, Gifted & Talented

Our school values all children equally and endeavours to ensure that each child should have the opportunity to realise his/her potential. We believe in providing an education that is tailored to individual needs and abilities including those identified as able, gifted or talented. To ensure these children reach their full potential, we implement strategies to cater for their educational and social needs.

Our school has a number of able, talented or gifted pupils, some of whom may perform or have the potential to perform at a level that well exceeds the level of others in their class or that expected for children in their age group. This may be in one area of learning or across a number of subjects. Our definition of ability recognises academic and practical skills as well as those who show outstanding artistic, musical and creative talent, physical skills, leadership qualities and the ability to process ideas and information.

We believe that we can make a difference in enabling these pupils to achieve the greatest possible progress and recognise the value and importance of identifying, developing and celebrating their achievements and successes.

Opportunities for extension and enrichment are built into all of our schemes of work, teaching strategies and daily routines. We also provide a range of subject based and cross curricular A,G&T extension groups, make use of external opportunities and run Mensa modules for the Exceptionally Able children.





What does this look like in practice?

Throughout the year there are a number of enrichment and extension opportunities running for all year groups.

After a successful pilot in 2017, we now run a MENSA group for every year group, with children attending for one term.  Within the MENSA group, children work on cross curricular, practical and research based activities. The children then use this work to prepare their own personalised final presentation. They also tackle some informal IQ test questions which require them to use a range of skills.

We run a range of subject based modules to support our greater depth students in each subject. For example, Mrs Hale has led a Design Technology group in studying vexillology: the history and design principles of flags. Mrs Smith has run a photography module for greater depth artists, which gave the children the opportunity to make and use a pin hole camera and make their own personal portfolio of pictures.

In addition, Mrs Gibbons runs enrichment groups for both writing and maths for Year Four, Five and Six. These provide children with the opportunity to work at higher cognitive levels and encourage self-motivation. In maths, children take part in activities which require the visualisation and investigation of big ideas. We place a heavy emphasis on reasoning. The writing groups support children in ensuring that they understand and make use of a range of grammatical and linguistic skills within their writing. 

As an extra to subject based modules, we also organise day events to enrich the provision for our greater depth students. For example, Year Six students take part in the Junior Mathematics Challenge run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. Over sixty children visit the Recycling Centre in Waterbeach, to gain an insight into present day recycling and consider the science behind it. Our GD musicians attend local concerts and then take part in a follow up workshop in school.

Every year, we seek to make use of the community and businesses around us to help us ensure our children are offered exciting, high quality real life experiences to enrich the learning and raise standards in all subjects