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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Students Achievements & Awards

Celebration Assemblies

Each half-term one child from each class is chosen for this prestigious award for outstanding achievement, ranging from ‘working responsibly’ to ‘showing a kind and caring attitude to others’. The previous winners are listed in the school's newsletters.

The Summer Term's second Celebration Award has been given for making excellent progress in sport and demonstrating a commitment to developing his/her sporting skills:

Poppy A, Oliver M, Danny C, Olly P Sofia B, Olivia B, Joshua R, Aarav J
Shekhinah E, Etta H, Natalie S-R, Amelie A

Sid M, Georgie B, Harvey C, Leo D


The Summer Term's third Celebration Award has been given for showing excellent achievement in many areas of the curriculum and demonstrating a determined effort to achieve a high standard of work:

Bella G, Ivy S, Lola C, Vespa S Abigail P, Bella R, Jojo W, Isabella O
Bella W, Isobel J, Omer Z, Freddie C Ella F, Jessica P, Patience P, Bethan T


House Points

At Crosshall Junior School all pupils are placed in Houses: Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London.

3KW, 4JM/LJ, 5EV, 6BH 3LJ, 4JE, 5SF, 6MR 3LG, 4AG, 5AC, 6DA/LM 3CD, 4MH, 5MM, 6CH
248,460 points 290,440  points 272,940 points 299,350  points


Praise Postcards

Staff recognise progress or attainment by posting Praise Postcards to students.

Students who have received postcards this term so far include:

Santino B, Henry E, Kai T, Mya P, Lily S, Isla T, Mason L, Eddy L, Benjamin T, Josie K, Archie J, Lucas P, Joseph W, Lydia SV, Anna D, Charlotte B, Jamie A, Joban R, Baily S, Harry S, Sid M, Harry P, Callum N, Alana F, Emily M.S, Tristin F, Hannah M, Ollie M, Ella M, Emily E, Morgan K, Layla R, Zakariya R, Rosalie H, Georgia B, Jessica B, Gabriel O, Niamh M, Laken W, Beau Z, Emilia H, Maria F, Kasia B, Charlotte C, Tayla B, Imogen D, Alonso B, Annabella V-M, Laycie McA, Owen H, Shekhinah E, Freddie C, Eduard A, Holly P, Joshua R, Harry P, Alana P, Eliza S, Carly H, Oliver B, Isla B, Lily W, Maiya W, Hayden C, Rhys B, Bella W, Jack C, Sienna S, Harry C, Esmae K, Ashley E, Vincenzo B, Jasmine C, Sidney G, Bella L, Hannah M, Heidi M, Matthew O, Jessica P, Finley J, Ella F, Alana J, Holly P, Cassie W, Leo D, Michael L, Cassie T, Maki O, Riley M, Lucas C, Harvey C, Zach J, Lydia S-V, Finn G, Hollie H, Izaak J, Olly P, Alice W, Athena C, Harry P, Jamie A, Aydin A, Dylan M, Kerenza M, Lee P, Bethan T, Ava W, Riley W, Chase W, Esther B, Stanely H, Oliver B, Isla B, Thomas C, Joe K, Elsa O, Leo T, Georgia T-C, Oscar W, Julia C, Lyla C, Matthew H, Carragh C-H, Lacy B, Lilly A, Bartosz P, Lukas F, Charlie B, Lily B, Brynley E, Riley J, Freya W, Indie W, Florence P, Bella mae Mc, Amelia W, Finley C, Bella G, Landon A, William L, Gracie M, Noah B, Eva H, Teddy J, Amelia L, Ava P, Ellena P, Lily W, Luke N, Lucia D, Ellen H and Thomas D. 


Head Teacher's Awards

This Autumn Term's Head Teacher Awards were given in recognition of overcoming obstacles or kindness. The Spring awards were given for resilience and the Summer term awards are for ambition.

Head Teacher Ms Eardley sends a congratulatory text message to parents and meets with the student to award him/her with this great honour. 

The recipients of the award this term include: Bartosz P, Maiya W, Nathan A.N, Esme, Bradley A, Freya W, Oliie C, Mila H, Seb S, Eleanor C, Clemmy E, Hayden W, Chase W, Bibi L, Amelia C, Lucas P, Lily S, Lola C, Luke N, Hayden W, Joe K, Lara D.S, Santino B, Lucy M, Scarlett S, Ela M, Daphne S, Hollie H, Emily E, Max J, Alana F, Zac A, Ivy S, Bellamae M, Alana J, Chloe L, Maisie F-S, Ruby C, Isla T, Edward M, Holly P, Jessica P, Tyler B, Max J, David E, Harry P, Theo B, Dylan F-W, Charlie P, Gaveenc M, Elsa O, Georgia T-C, Mason L and Ben T.


Times Tables Rockstars!

Each week we celebrate our CJS Times Tables Rockstars. However, the below are the overall winners for 2020-2021 school year. 

Luca T

Luca T Maria F


Class Recognition Boards

Every class has a Class Recognition Board where amazing achievements are noticed and shared with everyone.


Future Me Awards

The following students have achieved their Future Me Badges and those in Year Six with a gold badge now become Crosshall Junior School Ambassadors and have the honour of wearing the Purple Polo Shirt! 

Year Three

Bronze: Eva H, Max J, Eddy L, Ivy S, Zaki R, Bella G, Indie W, Erva A, Jessica B, Imogen H, Archie G, Ben T, Athena C, Cameron D, Esme Mc, Cole P, Alice W, Henry E, Alice G, Mila H, Bibi L, Adelina L-T, Florence P, Freya W, Noah B, Theo B, Sophia B, Elena P, Santino B, Josie K, Machi O, Elsie P, Maisey S, Finnley T, Nathan A-N, Lara D-S, Dylan F-W, Carys H, Bay H-W, IzaakJ, Joe K, Leo T and Oscar W

Silver: Mia H, Finley C, Oliver M, Aida O, Lily S, Poppy A, Skye B, Emily C, Bellamae M, Edward M, James W, Evie B, Teddy J, Ava P, Erin S, Chase W, Nyla G, Alice M, Callum N, Luke N and Elsa O

Gold: Rares P, Maiya W, Finn G, Ollie C, Brynley E, Isla H, Lily W, Harry P, Zaki R, Isla T, Hayden C, Mason L, Naomi T, Martha L, Vespa S, Ellia F, Callum P, Oliver P, Beau Z, Isaac J, Danny C and Daphne S

Year Four

Bronze: Tyler B, Layla J, Abigail P, James W, Daisy Mai N, Isla P, Carragh C-H, Harriet C, Owen J, Alana P, Eliza S, Joanna W, Harrison J, Georgie C, Elise H, Alfie C, Summer M, Cooper S, Charlie B, Anna J, Sofia B, Anna P, Charlie B, Ava B, Skye A, Isla B, Archie F, Harry H, George H, Anna J and Shane McK

Silver: Sam L, Ella M, Layla R, Hayden W, Erin E, Kayleigh B, Elliott E, Emily E, Emma S, Clemmy E, Aarav J and Sienna S

Gold: Joshua B, Brook M, Ela M, Anya P, Dexter M, Eva M.W, Stanley H, Amelia C, Jonah D, Stanley H, Olivia H, Kenny F, Oliver S, Jack F, Lilly A, Julia C, Sebastian S, Eleanor C, William N, Kuba J, Bella R, Daniel S, Olivia B, Isla B, Amrita T, Joshua T, Emily B and Charlie S

Year Five

Bronze: Kaylin M, Esme L, Anya R, Millie S, Eleanor W, Julia C, Ava G, Omer Z, Mason C, Ollie W, Maisey L, Cooper D, Etta H, Tanishkhaa M, Sahvana-Rose A and Tayla B

Silver: John K, Kaylin M, Harriet A, Aleena A, Harry C, Harriet A, Morgan C, Isabella W, Sian C, Phoebe R-D, Charlie R and Alonso S-B

Gold: Freddie C, Imogen D, Rhys B, Aimee J, Sophia B, Emelia H, Layla C, Rauri T and Carla M

Year Six

Bronze: Marshal B, Hannah M, Heidi M, Ashley E, Louie G,  Kai T, Thomas C, Daniel P, Stuart R, Harry S, Bailey S, Brooke S, Emily M-S and Matthew O and Aydin A 

Silver: Cassie W, Charlie B, Etienne M and Joban R

Gold & Purple Polo Shirt Awarded: Isla M, Charlotte C, Georgia B, Leo D, Ella F, Eva F, Alana J, Elizabeth L, Isla M, Niamh M, Lily B, Sid M, Maisie F-S, Charlotte C, Anna D, Brodie D, Bella L, Harvey C, Riley W, Alex C, Yasmin H, Kerenza M, Jasmine D, Maya P, Ava C, Jessica G, Alana F, Nydile I, Harry P, Isabella B, Sam B, Imogen C-M, Brook S, Kasia B, Ruby V, Cassie W, Patience P, Ashen A, Maria F, Lydia S-V, Bethan T, Riley W, Thomas P, Freya R, Lucas T, Martha C, Demi A, Lukas F, Laken W, Leia B, Tristin F-C, Tia C, Amber A, Kurtis B, Zahra H, Maisie H and Harry S


Year Three MENSA Excellence in Reading Awards

Congratulations to the following students who completed the MENSA reading challenge:

 Eleanor C, Millicent M, Esther B, Carragh CH and Harriet C.

End of Academic Year Awards

The end of the academic year is a particularly exciting time for awards, as the school welcomes special visitors to present prestigious awards.      


CJS Values Champion Award

This is awarded to one pupil from each year group who embodies CJS values: Ambition, Resilience and Kindness. Each Child will be given a certificate of achievement and their name engraved on our shield.

2020-2021 WINNERS:

Year Three - Lily W

Year Four - Clemmy E

Year Five - Winnie F

Year Six - Kai T

End of Key Stage Two Tests - Highest Marks Awards

Presented to students with the highest test scores in Maths, Reading and Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. 

2020-2021 WINNERS:

Tope Marks in Maths: Nydile I

Highest Reading Mark: Patience P

Highest GPS Mark: Nydile I/Lucas D

Crosshalll Journey Award

2020-2021 WINNERS:

Alex C

Holly P

Lucas D

Nydile I

Year Six ARK Awards

2020-2021 WINNERS:

Ambition Yasmin H, Maria F, Lucas D, Nydile I
Resilience Jamie A, Brodie D, Ava C, Maisie F-S
Kindness Bethan T, Hannah M, Leo D, Lily B