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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust


Absence Due to Sickness

If your child is unable to attend school due to sickness, please either telephone the School Office (01480 475972) or use the electronic form before 9am on each day of absence.

Health and Dental Appointments

Please let your child’s teacher or the School Office (01480 475972) know as early as possible if your child will be absent for appointments. Alternatively, use the electronic form to e-mail us if you know of the appointment more than 48 hours in advance.

Holidays in term-time

Updated DfE Statutory Guidance on Attendance, 5th January 2017

Head teachers should not grant leave of absence unless in exceptional circumstances. The application must be made in advance and the head teacher must be satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances which warrant the leave. Exceptional circumstances are a bereavement, attendance at a funeral or three days for a parents wedding.Permission will not be given if it is applied for after the leave of absence or visit has taken place. Should leave be taken after permission has been withheld, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence. This will appear both in the school register and in your child’s report.

Where a leave of absence is granted, the head teacher will determine the number of days a pupil can be away from school.  A leave of absence is granted at the head teacher’s discretion.  Authorised absence means that the school has either given approval in advance for a pupil of compulsory school age to be away, or has accepted an explanation offered afterwards as justification for absence.

Unauthorised absence is where a school is not satisfied with the reasons given for the absence.

For example:

  • holiday not authorised by the school or in excess of the period determined by the head teacher;
  • if a school does not authorise a leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday but the parents still take  the child out of school or the child is kept away for longer than was agreed.

If the parents do not apply for leave of absence in advance, the absence must be recorded as unauthorised.  Schools should follow up all unexplained absence in a timely manner.

Every effort should be made to establish the reason for a pupil’s absence.  When the reason for the pupil’s absence has been established, the register should be amended.

If the school is not satisfied with the reason given for absence, they should record it as unauthorised.

Schools should actively discourage late arrival, being alert to patterns of late arrival which require an explanation from the parent.


Any parent/s who take a child out of school for term time leave for 6 consecutive sessions (3 days) or more, not authorised by the school (under the exceptional circumstances rule), may receive a Penalty Notice.