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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Ask Your Child a Question


We know that you often ask your children about their school day and that, sometimes, the response is "Nothing". Every week we will give you a question to ask your child, which relate to things they have learnt that week. We will keep a log the questions here in case you miss it in the newsletter

Week Beginning

10th January 2022

Can you explain what a conjunction is and give an example in a sentence?

Which written methods could you use to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number?
How many different poem types can you name?

What can make a piece of writing persuasive?

Week Beginning

3rd January 2022

What are you going to improve/work on this year in school and at home?

What written methods could you use for solving multiplication problems?
Why is it important to warm up before exercise?

Can you explain how you add together 1 6/8 + 2 4/8?

Week Beginning

29th November

Can you explain what RaPa CoDa Numbo is?

Why did the Bronze Age people bury themselves with their goods?
How are the four types of mountains we have studied formed?

Explain to an adult how you conducted your pulse rate investigation in science.

Week Beginning

15th November

Can you name the seven continents?

How do you multiply and divide by ten?
What is the correct position for a push pass?

What do the letters in BIDMAS mean and when do you use BIDMAS?


Week Beginning

8th November

We had a virtual talk from Wood Green this week. What are the five welfare needs of pets?

What is the mathematical term when using subtraction, if you can’t complete the question?
Name three of the stories linked to Diwali.

Explain how you would solve 7371 ÷ 13 using the long division method.

Week Beginning

18th October

In French, you have been learning the name of some different items of stationery. Spot some of these items in your house and tell your adult what they are in French.

How do you show a regrouping in column addition?
Introduce yourself to a family member in French using the phrases you have been learning.

What is a phrase and what is a clause?

Week Beginning

11th October

The answer is 25, what could the question be?

What is included in a 2A sentence?
Name the special foods and their matching religions from our R.E. Sparky Start.

Explain the long multiplication calculation method using the number sentence 4325 x 24 =


Week Beginning

4th October

What 2D shapes can you find around your house?

Which countries have French as an official language?
How would you write today’s date in Roman numerals? What about your date of birth?

What are the chambers of the heart called?



Week Beginning

20th September

Can you name the different types of teeth you have?

Which digit will change when you add 1000 more or less to a number?

Name three different techniques used by Emma Lindstrom. Which one is your favourite and why?

What types of motion did you see on the rides at LEGOLAND?


Week Beginning

13th September

Can you explain to your adult what Level C and D behaviour means?

How do you use the ‘show not tell’ technique in your writing?

Summarise the story of Twelfth Night.

What is the difference between the terms ‘Maya’ and ‘Mayan’?