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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Ask Your Child a Question


We know that you often ask your children about their school day and that, sometimes, the response is "Nothing". Every week we will give you a question to ask your child, which relate to things they have learnt that week. We will keep a log the questions here in case you miss it in the newsletter

Week Beginning

5th July 2021

When you visit a shop, can you work out the cost of two items in your shopping basket / trolley?

How do you read coordinates on a grid?

How do you convert between mm and cm? What about m and km? What is the same when you are converting between ml and l?

Who delivered a famous speech during World War 2?

Week Beginning

28th June 2021

Which soil is the best for plants to grow in a farmer’s field?

Name three poetic devices for performance poetry.

When are medicines helpful? When might they be harmful?

Where do spirals appear in the natural world?

Week Beginning

14th June 2021

In D.T. we have been looking at photo frames. What does the word stable mean?

Explain what a complex sentence is and think of an example for your parents.

Explain why some professions have a higher salary range than others. Do you agree with the ones we have looked at? Why/why not?

What are the features of an explanation text?

Week Beginning

24th May 2021

If it's 8:00pm on an analogue clock, what time would it be on a 24 hour digital clock?

How would you create a loop for a square on Turtle Academy?

Name five differences between babies and adults.

What was the Battle of Britain?

Week Beginning

17th May 2021

What does the word permeable and impermeable mean?

Name the features of an explanation text.

What do angles measure? Name the five types of angle.

What jobs might use scale factors?

Week Beginning

10th May 2021

What time is it? (Ask your child what the time is at different points of the day)

How do you convert the time from the 12 hr to 24 hr clock?

Name the Anglo Saxon and Viking homelands.

Name three Allies and three Axis in WW2.


Week Beginning

26th April 2021

What was your favourite part of Book Week? Can you re-tell the Journey story to an adult at home?

How do you work out the area of the shape?

What are the three main sections of a river called?

What is the value of h in the equation 5h + 2 = 32. Explain how you solve

Week Beginning

19th April 2021

Can you name some Greek Olympic games?

How many millilitres are in a litre? How many metres are in a kilometre?

Name at least three features of a Mr. Men / Little Miss book.

When did World War Two begin and end?

Week Beginning

12th April 2021

Tell your parents three top tips to stay safe in the sun.

How many millimetres are in a centimetre?

Who was settled in Britain before the Anglo Saxons arrived?

What are the five uses of a comma?

Week Beginning

14th December 2020

What is your proudest moment of Year Three this term?

Can you name all seven continents and the five oceans?

Can you name three rights of a child as laid out in the UNICEF Children’s Bill of Rights?

Who is Charles Darwin and why was his theory so controversial?


Week Beginning

7th December 2020

Can you re-tell the Nativity story?

Can you think of 3 persuasive techniques?

What is the difference between perimeter and area?

What is the sum of all the interior angles in a triangle and in a quadrilateral?


Week Beginning

30th November 2020

What does RaPa CoDa Numbo mean?

How do you multiply and divide a number by 10 and 100?

Why do Christians observe Advent?

What does equivalent mean and how can you find equivalent fractions?


Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

Can you name at least three features of a play script?

Can you name any features of a diamante poem?

What is the definition of bullying?  Can you name three people you could talk to if you were worried about bullying?

What is an imperative verb and where are they commonly used?


Week Beginning

16th November 2020

Can you name the seven continents?

What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?

Can you list all the factors of 60?  Are any of the factors prime?

What is a squared and cubed number?


Week Beginning 9th November 2020

Can you find three objects in your house that you can push, pull or twist?

What images were drawn by the Stone Age people?


What are the main features of a non-chronological report?

How do you play Pok-a-Tok?

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020

What is a simile?

How many syllables are on each line in a Haiku poem?

What is the difference between a coil pot and a thumb pot?

How are polar bears adapted to their environment?

Week Beginning 19th October 2020 

What is the most interesting fact you learnt about the history of St Neots?

How can you keep safe online?

What are the key rules when handling the ball in tag rugby?

What is the lowest common multiple of 4 and 7?


Week Beginning 12th October 2020 

Can you name some features of a non-chronological report?

Can you name some features of instruction texts?

What makes chocolate an inappropriate material for a door handle?

What is the difference between a phrase and a clause? 


Week Beginning 5th October 2020 

What is an imperative verb?

How do Sikh people name their babies?

Which scene from The Piano was the most emotional for you and why?

Where did the Maya live?



Week Beginning 28th September 2020

What are the three main types of teeth and what do they do?

How do you round a three digit number to its nearest ten?

How would you write your date of birth in Roman Numerals?  Bonus challenge: can you read the year of production on a BBC programme?

What is a protractor used for and how would one use it?