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Crosshall Junior Academy Trust

Ask Your Child a Question


We know that you often ask your children about their school day and that, sometimes, the response is "Nothing". Every week we will give you a question to ask your child, which relate to things they have learnt that week. We will keep a log the questions here in case you miss it in the newsletter


Week Beginning 5th October 2020 

What is an imperative verb?

How do Sikh people name their babies?

Which scene from The Piano was the most emotional for you and why?

Where did the Maya live?



Week Beginning 28th September 2020

What are the three main types of teeth and what do they do?

How do you round a three digit number to its nearest ten?

How would you write your date of birth in Roman Numerals?  Bonus challenge: can you read the year of production on a BBC programme?

What is a protractor used for and how would one use it?